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Sleep Therapy

NRS provides high-quality positive airway pressure equipment (CPAP & Bi-Level) coupled with personalized fitting, instruction and follow-up care for this innovative therapy modality.

A CPAP device delivers a constant level of positive air pressure by way of tubing and a noninvasive interface (such as a nasal, oral, or facial mask) to assist spontaneous respiratory efforts and supplement the volume of inspired air into the lungs.

Bi-level devices deliver two different levels of positive air pressure: a higher level of pressure when you inhale and a lower level of pressure when you exhale. Bi-level is intended for patients with limited respiratory capacity during sleep (Emphysema, Neuro Muscular disorders and Reduced Central Drive).

Bi-level is not a life support ventilator, and is not intended to augment patient breathing. It is also not intended to provide total ventilatory support or guarantee volume delivery.

CPAP and BiPAP devices require an interface to deliver the needed pressure for sleep therapy. These interfaces come in varying styles and sizes, and are fit to the user by an NRS respiratory therapist. NRS stocks a variety of styles and sizes to meet the needs of our customers. Whether it is an initial setup or a replacement mask, we have full face masks, nasal masks, and nasal pillows available from ResMed, Respironics and Fisher & Paykal.