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Respiratory Therapy

NRS offers a complete line of therapeutic devices for all respiratory conditions, including Humidifiers, Suction Equipment, Ventilators, Nebulizers, Oximeters, Airway Clearance Devices, and Compressors, along with complete training and supplies.

Humidifiers and nebulizers are often used in the care of respiratory patients. For some, additional humidity may be needed to make the administration of a dry gas (oxygen) more comfortable. Some respiratory conditions may require that the upper airway be bypassed (intubation or tracheotomy). In these circumstances, it is usually necessary to provide added humidity (heated or cool) to prevent the lungs from becoming too dry.

A bubble humidifier is used in oxygen delivery when the flows are above 4 LPM or the client experiences a dry nose. A tube directs the incoming oxygen to the bottom of a jar of water. After passing through a diffuser, the oxygen gas breaks up into small bubbles that rise back to the surface of the water. As the oxygen bubbles pass through the water, they pick up water vapor. This humidified gas then flows to the outlet through oxygen connecting tubing and on to the patient.

For patients whose upper airways are bypassed due to intubation or tracheostomy, there are a variety of other humidification devices. Heated or cool nebulizer and heated or cool humidifier function in a similar fashion to those mentioned above, but on a larger and continuous basis.

A Nebulizer/Compressor is a small air compressor that provides air power for a nebulizer, converting a physician-prescribed liquid medication into aerosol or mist, which can then be inhaled into the lungs. A nebulizer kit consists of a nebulizer cup, a mouthpiece or mask attached to a T-shaped adapter and thin plastic tubing that attaches to the air compressor.

Oximeters use a light source and light cell to estimate oxygen saturation of the blood by attaching a sensor to the finger. Pulse rate can also be displayed, and is available on most models.

Oximeters have seen a growing application in home care, because checking patients on home oxygen therapy can be done easily and painlessly to determine that oxygen saturation level is adequate. Oximeters can be used to spot check blood oxygen saturation, monitor continuously or record levels overnight.

Suction Equipment
Suction equipment is used to supply an intermittent vacuum to aspirate fluids in medical suction procedures. Suction equipment should be used by or after instruction from trained healthcare professionals.

A Ventilator expands the chest and lowers diaphragm of patients who are unable to do so on their own, allowing air to enter the lungs. Portable ventilators are designed for a smooth transition from critical care ventilation. Ventilators, such as the Covidien PB540 Volume Ventilator, offer the flexibility to meet a broad range of pediatric and adult ventilation requirements.