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NRS is committed to servicing and repairing the oxygen and respiratory therapy equipment we rent or sell to our customers. Once the equipment is at our facility, NRS will determine whether our service technicians can perform repairs, or if the equipment must be returned to the manufacturer. In the event that the unit must be returned to manufacturer, actual repair costs, including parts, labor and shipping charges will be the responsibility of the customer. Costs may vary depending on the degree of repair necessary. NRS will honor any equipment repairs that fall under a manufacturer's warranty. For details on obtaining repair service and repair cost coverage, see the corresponding areas below.

For customers who are currently renting their equipment, please contact us to arrange to have your equipment repaired and/or swapped out with a replacement. If your equipment is purchased, a pick-up & delivery charge may be applied to your repair order. You may avoid this charge by delivering the equipment to our facility. If you cannot be without your equipment, NRS can rent a unit while your equipment is being repaired. Rental charges will be one-month minimum, and may vary depending on your payer. NRS will contact your insurance company to obtain prior authorization for coverage, and will submit charges for services if coverage is available. However, you are ultimately responsible for all repair costs.

In the event that the equipment is from a Long-Term Care Facility, we will waive the pick-up/delivery fees if we pick up the unit on our usual delivery route. If the LTC Facility wishes to rent a unit from us while the unit is being repaired, a rental rate will be charged at their contracted per diem rate. For those facilities that own their equipment, NRS would be happy to perform preventative maintenance or repairs. Contact your Account Manager for more information.