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If you need instructions on how to use your oxygen equipment or would like a copy of the owner's manual for your equipment look no further. The sections below include both instruction sheets and product manuals and each can be downloaded and/or printed for your reference. (requires Adobe Reader)

Oxygen Duration Chart
This chart provides durations for the various cylinder sizes and liquid oxygen portables based on the prescribed oxygen liter flow.
***Includes the Helios LOX Portable

Conserving Device Oxygen Duration
These charts provide durations for the various cylinder sizes based on the setting chosen on the appropriate brand of device.
+Chad Therapeutics Bonsai Chart
+Precision Medical EasyPulse5 Chart

Safe Oxygen Cylinder Storage
Information and guidelines for the safe storage of oxygen equipment in the home.

How to Fill a Liquid Oxygen Portable
Instructions for how to fill a liquid oxygen portable from a liquid oxygen base tank.

***You can also view this video from Caire Medical on Youtube

Attaching a Small Cylinder Regulator
Step-by-step instructions for how to connect a small cylinder regulator to an E,D,C,B size oxygen cylinder.

Attaching a Large Cylinder Regulator
An instructional guide on how to connect the regulator to a large H/M size oxygen cylinder.

Attaching a Conserving Regulator
Instructions specific to attaching a conserving regulator to E,D,C,B size oxygen cylinder.

NRS Customer Handbook
A comprehensive handbook that covers proper use, safety, and care of the respiratory equipment NRS supplies. Also contains charts with duration times for various equipment based on oxygen liter flow.