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NRS conducts in-service seminars for Skilled Nursing Facilities, Nursing Homes, and other contracted care facilities on a regularly scheduled basis. Seminars are generally one hour in length, and are led by a licensed Respiratory Therapist. NRS offers a host of In-Service Education Seminars, including:
+ Oxygen Administration and Safety

+ Respiratory Equipment Overview

+ Respiratory Assessment

+ Breath Sounds

+ Tracheostomy Fundamentals

+ Ventilator Management
+ COPD Disease Management

+ Heart Failure Disease Management

+ CPAP/Bi-Level Therapy Management

+ Nebulizers

+ Respiratory Medications

+ Oximetry
For further information on what each inservice covers, Download Our Inservice Brochure.


These in-service programs may qualify for Continuing Education Credits (CEUs). NRS can assist attendees with submitting paperwork to the appropriate boards for recognition and credit.

Please call our Respiratory Therapy Department or talk to your Account Manager to schedule any or all of these In-Service Seminars.