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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the cost of my equipment covered?

A: The first place to ask is your insurance company. They will be able to find out whether your prescribed equipment is covered according to their coverage plans. If you have additional questions about costs once NRS has become your provider, feel free to contact our Billing Office at 1-877-241-0706.

Q: What are your hours and how do I get service after hours?

A: Our customer service office hours are: Monday-Friday, 8am to 5:30pm CST. After hours service is available for emergencies only. If you need immediate service from 5:30pm to 8am Monday-Friday or on weekends, call our same customer service number 1-800-232-0706 and our after hours service will get you in touch with an on-call employee.

Q: How often should I replace my cannula/tubing/mask?

A: These "soft" supplies wear out over time and we want to be sure you have clean, properly functioning, and comfortably fitting supplies. So, we recommend replacing the following supplies at these specified intervals:

  • Nasal Cannula - Weekly
  • Oxygen Tubing - Monthly
  • Humidifier Bottle - Monthly
  • CPAP/BiPAP Mask - Depends on Insurance (generally every 6 months)

 How do I meet my respiratory needs when I travel?

A: For CPAP/BiPAP customers, you can take your equipment with you anywhere you need to go, regardless of your method of travel.

For oxygen customers, NRS is happy to assist you with your oxygen needs when you are traveling, whether you are traveling within or outside of our service area. If you are going to be traveling within our service area (
see map), you are free to transport our equipment with you. If you do not wish to transport our equipment, we can arrange for equipment to be delivered to your destination, for a fee. In either case, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-232-0706 to alert us of your travel plans.

Traveling by Car/Air
Traveling with O2 Handout

Q: Do you offer Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POCs)?

A: Yes. NRS has POCs available for travel purposes. They are also available for private pay rental or sales. Please call 1-800-232-0706 for more information.